Muscle pain and soreness have always been two of the great enemies of our fitness journey😭, especially those in hamstrings and lower back😧.

How to kick these annoying "naughties" away👊?

Always remember to treat your RECOVERY seriously!

30 mins muscle stretching per day before and after workouts is great👌, but if you are looking for a shortcut and want to make it easier and even more effective, you may need to find other support, like foam rolling with our Vulken VulkRoll 17" Vibrating Foam Roller and flush them away🙌!

Here are the Vulken VulkRoll foam roller exercises that Garret provides!

Notes that Garret refers in the video👇:

Set the @vulken_sports or foam roller on the floor in front of you with your legs extended

* Elevate feet on top of the roller while you base your upper body with your arms

Roll back and forth to actively release the calves and Achilles’ tendon

Keep bringing the roller up to your hamstrings and lower gluteus

Roll back and forth onto your hamstrings and then drop back down to the feet again.

Garrett Stephen Day:

Exercise Body Therapist

Instagram: @thebodymd