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Dr. Mark Hines
Ultra Endurance Athlete, Adventurer, Academic, Lecturer, Writer.

Mark Hines is an exercise physiologist and biomechanist, with a background in ultra-endurance racing and adventures. He is currently Head of Research at The British College of Osteopathic Medicine.  His doctorate was in the biomechanics and neurophysiology of hip-spine interaction in individuals with low back pain.

Mark lectures on human physiology, exercise physiology, nutrition and clinical dietetics, and research methods.  His main areas of interest are endurance exercise in extreme environments, exercise rehabilitation, and biomechanics of the spine, hip and ankle joints. Mark has worked with Master’s students to produce publishable research on relationships between muscle stiffness, range of motion, function and injuries. 

In addition to his academic work, Mark continues to participate in extreme endurance challenges. In winter 2016 he became the first person to solo sled-haul the full route (approximately 1000 miles) of the world’s toughest sled-dog race in sub-Arctic Alaska and Canada (the Yukon Quest). In late winter 2017 he took a fat bike to the Arctic Ocean, cycling close to 1000 miles in the Arctic and sub-Arctic, on a journey that included the full length of the Dempster Highway, which features on the television series Ice Road Truckers. During the summer of 2017 he left London to travel more than 2000 miles to the Black Sea, mostly stand-up paddleboarding and with some cycling.

Mark has published books on his races and on human nutrition, and has various titles pending publication over the coming years.

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