"I wanted to make a quick post this morning about the purpose of foam rolling and some of the tools I use. Both of these products are made by the brand VulkenšŸ”„. They vibrate and they make rolling a little easier to accomplish.
Most people think that rolling is done in order to roll through every bit of pain you feel. INCORRECT.

Rolling should be performed as the first part of a rehab/prehab protocol to get some blood flowing to an area you're trying to work. I work with the SSS philosophy. Smash(Rolling). Strengthen. Stretch. In that order. If you have an issue with a joint and you do one of the three, you'll feel good. If you put all three together, you'll fix the problem.

In the future, I'll be going over some common areas where I use this protocol. Remember, rolling is just the first part." ---Ā Greg Guzman

Not all pain is the same. Please find a movement specialist (chiropractor, physical therapist, etc.) to get assessed and get moving better.

Dr. Greg Guzman:

Personal Fitness Trainer

Instagram: @drgregguzman