Foam rolling with Vulken RollQuisite to elevate your workout recovery to get rid of annoying muscular soreness and knots

“R E C O V E R Y ✨

Hands up who’s constantly sore, right and have knots erriwhere?! 

Well, if you’re skimping us on foam rolling pre or post-workout, you’re missing out on some serious benefits. It can improve range of motion, flexibility, and performance in addition to reducing muscle soreness, pain, and recovery time - plus it hurts so gooood💁‍♀️

And what’s better? A roller with serious upgrades...literally. Enter: the vibrating foam roller. No joke, my new favorite toy, small enough to fit in my bag, with grooves that roll on all the right (and wrong 😬) places.

So yeah, it’s kind of a big deal!” --- Stephanie Hing

Grab yours 👇

vulken rollquisite vibrating foam roller review

vulken rollquisite vibrating foam roller review

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Aussie Fitness Athlete

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