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So first off I was impressed by the options this roller has which is 4 speeds (my favorite one is the 3rd which keeps changing the speed by itself from low to high). I do a lot of training and I hate long warm ups and regular foam rolling, that’s why I decided to get this. With the high intensity vibrations, this roller gets your blood FLOWING! I mean it could shake your whole body , so after getting this I love to use it all of the time as a warm up , cool down for recovery , next day on loosening up the sore muscle and my favorite of all is using it while just chilling watching tv. I used to use a massage roller but that took too much time and effort and didn’t reach all of the spots I wanted, now thanks to Vulken I can just sit back relax and get a nice massage on the roller.

I had ordered the Hyperice Vyper roller before but I found that a full sized roller would be more efficient to work on both legs at the same time so I decided to give this a try, and it didn’t disappoint me! It's very durable and seems to have been made with quality material. It seems like it'll last a long while especially for the price. The vibration intensity is almost the same as the Vyper and it has an auto changing vibration level which I love the most. $99 vs $199…. I just can’t find any reason to choose the $199 over this one so I returned the Vyper.

I play soccer a lot and this vibrating roller really does a great job to roll out my tight muscles in just a few minutes. You can never do the same with a basic foam roller. It is definitely the best thing I have come across for a sore calf or thigh. Hands down the best money I've spent!

1. Longer but still lightweight
2. 4 level vibration with Auto
3. Truly high intensity vibration
4. Quality built
5. Reasonable price
6. Rechargeable

Too long to fit into my medium-sized backpack, but it’s easy to put in a small duffle bag.

Overall: 5/5 stars
Highly recommend - makes an amazing gift to anyone who needs a good calf massager

By Amazon Customer   on Jul 19, 2017

I am a practitioner of martial arts for 40 years and have had my fair share of physical therapy through the years. I have changed my training regiment to include myofascial release by rolling and have used the hyperice product in therapy. I believe everyone should incorporate heavy to medium band training and stretching especially as you get older. The Vulken is an excellent product although I will agree with some other reviews which point out that the hyperice is more powerful, that being said I would only use the hyperice at the 2nd level anyway. The Vulken offers 4 speeds one of which is the alternating one, my favorite. The Vulken also has the versatility of a larger size (17inches) that allows you to include more exercises in your program. I like to use the Vulcen to roll both calfs at the same time and can still use it to isolate one side. I have also seen reviews that state the Vulken is harder which is true however if the hyperice is a 5 out of 10 in stiffness the Vulken is a 6 to 7 not that much difference and for me an experienced roller not a big deal. I weigh 200lbs and actually like a little stronger feel. The charge lasts a long time so no complaints there as 4-5 sessions ( 15-20 min sessions ) before charge is needed easily lasts a week for me. If you need it softer you can always wrap a towel around it and hold it in place with some heavy rubber bands. That being said worth it to me especially at half the cost.

I'm a chiropractor and I absolutely love this foam roller. The intensity is great and I like that it has different settings. Great rehab/prehab tool that helps my workouts and is a great warm up tool before a round of golf!

“Intense vibration makes for a great value ”

I was introduced to this Vulken 4 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller during therapy. I am a runner with tight legs all the time, the intense vibration could reach deeper muscle pains than a regular foam roller could do. And the 4 levels of vibration speeds up the relaxation of my muscles tension. Highly recommend.

— By John Z. Liang on July 16, 2017 

“ Best fitness and recovery product I've ever bought ”

One of the best foam rollers on the market, take the price into consideration, it would be the best choice! The vibration is very strong even on the lowest level. The size is great for lower back and thighs, and it is light and seems durable. This roller is a ideal tool for my strength training, the vibration increases its effectiveness in a pre-workout/rehab routine. I will recommend it.

— By Nicky on July 26, 2017 

“Better than expected  ”

Was looking for something that can quickly relief the tension of muscle. And this vibrating foam roller is working even better than expect! My wife is a flight attendant whom works long hours in high heels, always came home with severe tension in the legs; form roller has quickly became her favorite pain relief for how easy and quick it gets the job done - all she has to do is to turn it on and lay on it. the pain and tension goes away in less than 5 min, she said it's even better than the full size foot and calf massager we have at home. Will highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for muscle tension relief.

— By S. Johnson on Aug 17, 2017 

“ Great product! Four different setting ”

Great product! Four different setting , easy using. Especially I like to use after long run , it can relax my muscles. The Vulken is almost as important as my running shoes. It is an awesome addition to any running tool box.

— By Kun Chen on Aug 08, 2017  

"Our first roller (that we loved) stopped working after a few months, but the company was extremely cooperative and helpful. We just had to send a video showing that the roller wouldn't vibrate after being fully charged and upon receiving the video they immediately sent a replacement. We received the new roller one day later. My husband loves this roller and can't be without it, so we were very pleased we didn't have to wait long for the new one to arrive. We're very impressed with the customer service Sunlit provided and love the product! Highly recommended!"

By Olivia May 4, 2018

"I really like this vibrating foam roller. With the 4 speeds, I typically use it on level 2. It helps to work the soreness out of my muscles after a workout or even an injury. It is great for legs, arms and back. The roller plugs in to charge and stays charged for over a week before I have to re-charge."

By C. Littleon March 4, 2018

"I love the 4 speeds because certain days I feel best helped by different levels. The battery lasts a very long time and charges quickly. Very powerful, small and effective. Have already recommended many times."

By Jorge Aragonon January 30, 2018

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